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About Me

About Me

I have 20+ years of teaching experience, and I always had this ambition to create a platform where a learner comes to seek knowledge and not just acquire basic skills.

Being an educationist and having an experienced team, we carry great responsibility because education is not just giving knowledge and empowering the students with necessary skills; it is beyond that. We help create an independent learner who, after guidance, can lead its life successfully and find its acquired skills useful in its day-to-day journey towards building a successful identity not only in terms of money but also socially and mentally.

We at iOpeningbuds; Institute of English Language, help learners acquire basic English language skills and help them use them productively in their life’s journey towards excellence.

We provide and customize courses according to the need of the learner after appraisal of its previous knowledge. Our platform is providing online classes with focus on each student in the group to ensure proper discipline and individual attention.

Our vision and mission is to give quality education through interactive and creative activities and at the same time helping students to overcome their weaknesses and fears by creating a healthy and conducive environment where they will brush up their skills and gain confidence by joining our virtual interactive clubs and other interactive programmes created uniquely for each course.